History - Schools

With the influx of people into the community, it wasn’t long before there was a need for schools.  County-wide there were approximately 90 school districts established.  The school within the village limits of Springview was named School District #56.  It operated out of several homes and various buildings in Springview until 1916 when an 11th grade was added to the curriculum, and District #56 was separated from the Keya Paha County High School.  U.S. Weddel built a fine new schoolhouse in the southeast corner of Springview for a cost of $5,593.65 in two months and eight days.  It served the students of Springview and the surrounding areas until 1992 when the present District #56 was built.  This is currently one of three elementary schools still holding classes in the county. 

The Keya Paha County High School awarded the contract for the new high school building to U.S. Weddel for $5,250.00.  The building was begun on September 1, 1915, and classes were first held in the new facility in January 1916.  This building faithfully served the secondary educational needs of Keya Paha County until 1965 when the current high school was built for considerably more than the previous school.
The Keya Paha County Commissioners purchased the earlier school building for a sum of $300 and allowed the Keya Paha County Historical Society to use two rooms for historical displays.  In the early 1980’s the Historical Society agreed to a 99-year lease of the building where they have now set up a beautiful museum with many historical items on display.

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